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Christopher has everything...except the man he devotedly loves.


Christopher, a junior at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, falls deeply in love when he first sees ruggedly handsome fellow-student Kaleo, who turns out to be the son of Christopher’s professor and mentor in biogenetics, Dr. Kwan.  Christopher helps with Dr. Kwan’s illegal testing of a gene-altering, population control virus and also begins his passionate pursuit of Kaleo, whose evangelical religious beliefs forbid him to give in to Christopher’s seductions, though he repeatedly does.  


Kaleo steals the girlfriend of his gang-member brother and begins to live with her to push himself along a heterosexual path.  The mysterious population changes are investigated by the FBI, and one of the young agents, blond and stunningly attractive Taylor, falls in love with Christopher and tries to steer him away from Kaleo- “Don’t you know bisexuals drive everybody crazy?”  


Despite all the wonderful surfing, partying, exciting scientific studies, and the two, parallel romances with incredible guys, Christopher finds he is actually getting very stressed out.  That’s because he has been recognized by Dr. Kwan as an “angel”,  the one who will try to solve everything for everyone, and Christopher is not yet fully aware that fate has emphatically assigned him this role in life.  


Kaleo’s criminal brother brutally retaliates for the loss of his girlfriend with a murder, a kidnapping and extortion regarding the genetic code for the virus.  The FBI finally pounces, and Christopher desperately searches for a way to rescue Kaleo from all the horror and chaos and to finally and forever win him over with his love.


“Who of us has not carried on with a man with whom you are in love and a man who is in love with you?  But maybe not as long as does college boy Christopher, the hero of Mike Breen’s new novel The Angel.  Both guys are hotter than a Hawaiian volcano.  The lava just keeps flowing.

“The passion is balanced with a search into the deeper meaning of unmodifiable, intense love.  Christopher secretly respects Kaleo’s sincere, unyielding pursuit of religious purity and virtue, as dedicated in its own way as Christopher’s pursuit of scientific truth.  And Christopher  learns from his FBI-agent lover- who is a prospective heir of a large estate- that enjoying the material pleasures of an affluent life is enough to make someone quite happy.   He argues that when love and comfort conflict, intense love is probably just hyped up romance, and must retreat.  

“The Angel is fuel for the mind as well as for fantasy.  Definitely recommended.”

-Castro Cruise & Choose LGBT Review


“. . .it’s when the passion is rationed by a religiously conflicted hottie that the erotics get explosive and the chase becomes a riveting marathon.  The story's a brilliant tribute to the power of persistence when you've found The One."

-10th Avenue Events 


“This is a terrific novel, easily the best gay one I’ve read in years.”



“. . .a wild, twisty, rollercoaster of a story. . .leaves you shaken but elated.”

-R.Z.I., Chicago


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