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Five Friends Swept Up In A Whirlwind Of Success and Danger.

   Laid back Harry is getting nowhere in art school but has become a genius at personal styling.  He can make anyone look hot and attractive.

   He does a makeover for roommate Clara, a classics student.  She has to appear in bit movie parts to placate her rich actor parents, who hate that she prefers Greek paganism to acting.

    He hypes the incredible visuals of handsome Erik, who is obsessed in seducing every gay man he meets and comes to believe he is a reincarnation of the demigod Narcissus.

   This leads Harry to styling Mumu, Erik’s Muslim partner and owner of a successful computer-imaging firm. 

   Erik and Mumu introduce Harry to all the dazzling pool parties in L.A.  But the promiscuity does not satisfy because Harry is in love with Jerry, a fellow Catholic parishioner.  Jerry grows very close but cannot leave his lover, Tyrone, a rogue computer programmer and suspected murderer.  Jerry wishes to redeem Tyrone through faith.

   Their Church is presided over by a gay-friendly, closet liberal priest with a hidden wife in a secret marriage.

   At a luncheon at Mumu’s estate, where Harry’s priest is introduced to Mumu’s equally liberal imam, Tyrone stealthily invades Mumu’s computer system and steals thousands of dollars from Mumu’s corporation and threatens to blackmail the priest if they turn him in. 

   And Erik falls under the influence of the Carla’s paganism and decides he is indeed Narcissus and makes plans to die immediately and dramatically rather than grow old and unattractive.

    So the darkest forces of life close in on the pleasure loving and spiritually sensitive friends but they struggle fiercely and fight back.   


"...witty, original, a true one-of-a-kind..."

Reviews by Amos Lassen


"The setting is L.A. so there are pool parties, steamy bods, hot action, Academy Awards and the usual huge servings of envy, ambition, glamor and wealth.  But also on the literary table are exquisite little dishes of Christian and pagan rivalry,  high cultural satire, and that sweet, philosophical treat of finally understanding the leading virtue of Southern California where- as narrator Harry says, while rhapsodizing over its allure- "Everyone is profoundly superficial." 

  J.R.D., Mill Valley, CA


"...stunning, irresistible Erik is an amazing creation, a beautiful demigod who no one could resist and was too unbelievably erotic to survive.  Pairing him as a best friend to narrator Harry, who is fat (until his super-make-over) and wildly creative, keeps the plot as bubbly and dangerous as super-size champagnes."

 Jake Wincroft-Smith, Sydney, Australia

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